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Starting a child early on education is one of the best ways to get them a head start in life. At Wee Care Childcare & Preschool we are monitored by region 5, and our preschool program does assessments on your children to help enter them into the school districts. To help your child along we provide early math & science concepts, language development, reading, and writing.

We have the best preschool services

Our goal is to meet the needs of each and every child, including their family. We pride ourselves on our individualized approach.

Our preschool services are second to none

Our team here at Wee Care Childcare & Preschool is fully supportive of your children as they take their first steps into preschool. We also understand how difficult this time can be for you as a parent. You can feel confident that our team answers all of your questions that you have and keep you informed about your child's activities and day-to-day progress.

You always get the best from us

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- 2 certified teachers per class

- Scholastic curriculum

- Assessments

- Video monitoring

- Follow state guidelines

- Early development


Our staff undergoes vigorous background checks. Everyone who works for us is professionally CPR and first aid certified to ensure your peace of mind.